Lawyers Help Dismiss Speeding Tickets For People in Greensboro

speeding ticketIn the first place, a person should try not to speed because speeding causes accidents, which ruins lives and cost money. Once a person has gotten caught for speeding, their insurance rates will rise and they could have their license suspended for a period of time. This means no driving, anywhere, for up to six months in so cases.

One of the first things a person does when they are pulled over by an officer is to agree that they were going a certain amount over the speed limit. Some people will even volunteer this information as if the cop does not already know. The best thing to do is remain silent. It would be an admission of guilt if one says how fast they were driving and this is an important piece of evidence a police and court will need in convicting an individual.

This is not to say one shouldn’t answer questions from the speeding ticket attorney in Greensboro. A simple yes or no answer is all that is required. Do not answer yes to the question, ‘do you know how fast you were going?’ They already know and want a person saying so on record so it best to answer with a no to this question.

There is no story the police officer has not heard and unless you have a dying passenger, there is no reason for speeding. Even with an almost dead passenger, there will need to be proof and then a possible police escort to the hospital so lying about it would not be a good idea. No matter how significant the reason for speeding may be to the person doing the speeding, the officer just doesn’t care; it’s not part of their job.

Many people in Greensboro don’t realize but with every speeding ticket, they also receive demerit points and if they collect enough of these points, their licenses could be taken away for a period of time. The demerit points and the amount of time a license is suspended are based on how fast a person was going over the posted speed limit and how good the police officer and Minister of Transportation are feeling that day. This is why it is very important to remain quiet about the amount of speed a person was driving.

There are instructions on the back of the ticket; a person must take the ticket although this is not an admission of guilt. These instructions will tell the ticketed person how to contest the ticket. It is best to consult with an attorney in the providence where the ticket was issued. They would know all the laws within that province in addition to the best way to clear one’s name.

A summons is a ticket and once an individual receives one, they must appear in court at the time and date specified on that summons. If they do not, then a trail date will be issued and that trial will take place without the individual. This is not recommended because there one would be no one to represent the person accused of speeding and any sentence handed down would be it, an attorney could at least fight for a smaller sentence.

speeding ticket attorney in Greensboro help speeding tickets either go away or lessen in their severity on the impact of a person’s financial situation and their life. The attorneys will help an individual negotiate demerit points and possible help them keep their license so they can continue to go to work and hopefully learn a lesson about driving faster than the posted speed limit.

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