Dan Akroyd

Dan Aykroyd is the host of Psi Factor, providing further insight to the show’s paranormal aspects. Appearing in every episode to introduce, advance and conclude each story, Dan brings to each episode thought provoking intrigue with his own signature style.

dan-aykroyd-3In the fall of 1996 the first show of “Psi Factor” aired, returning Dan to television after a seventeen year hiatus. Aykroyd’s involvement in Psi Factor is the commonsensical result of his lifelong serious study of the paranormal. Starting at a yong age, he is the third generation of his family to be a passionate and avid collector of paranormal research.

“Like my great-grandfather, and father before me, I have always been intrigued by ghosts, magic, and demonology; and these kinds of subjects figure prominently in our myths. People simply want to know more.” says Dan.

Aykroyd has always been a passionate student of the scholarly journals and other work produced by the few scientifically-based paranormal research organizations, including the Office of Scientific Investigation and Research, on whose exclusive files Psi Factor’s dramas are based. In fact, he credits this learning as the source for the Ghostbusters films, which he originated and co-wrote, along with starring in them. Responsible for helping convince the O.S.I.R. to make its completed cases public, Aykroyd is intensely involved behind-the-scenes in all aspects of the series’ production, scripts and special effects.

“I always wanted to do a television show on true cases, whether explainable or not,” says Aykroyd. “Dramatizing these fascinating occurrences as they really happened, and as they were or were not resolved, will entertain as well as offer some analysis of the unknown sources behind these events.”
dan-aykroyd-profileAs well as televison, Aykroyd was involved in taking Psi Factor to other media. He edited and hosted a companion radio series, distributed by the CBS Radio Network, and edited a Psi Factor book, published by Andrews & McMeel in the Spring of 1997.

An articulate exponent of the unexplained, Aykroyd is a serious student of psychic phenomena and is committed to sharing with viewers of Psi Factor the excitement he has found in tales of the paranormal. With his passion before him, Psi Factor ran a four season run and can still be seen around the world in syndication and reruns.

In 2005, Aykroyd continued his mission to share the truth about paranormal phenomena and hosted the new documentary, “Dan Aykroyd: Unplugged on UFO’s”. With this new look into the phenomenon of UFO sightings, Akroyd shares his personal experiences in this field and also discusses recent findings with author and UFOlogist David Sereda. Dan Aykroyd: Unplugged on UFO’s features UFO footage as well as testimonial material from Astronaut Gordon Cooper, former president Ronald Reagan and more.



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