Dr. Claire Linda Davison

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Dr. Claire Davison is the senior pathologist for the O.S.I.R. Smooth and exacting, Dr. Davison is right at home cutting open a dead body and hunting for every hidden lead in a case. She can be a cool and calculating investigator, but underneath her professional exterior she's passionate and empathetic: a humanist in a scientist's lab coat. A crack pathologist by training, recently Claire has taken on the duties of a field doctor due to the promotion of Dr. Anton Hendricks. Wheither she's with a patient or in the morgue, Davison brings a critical eye to investigations.

Respectfully, she is a skeptic of the paranormal and tries to solve every case that is put forth to her in a true scientific explanation. Though she can be very critical of the paranormal she isn't afraid to turn to paranormal if it leads to the truth. She is dedicated and trust worthy to the team and is skilled in her work.

Soo Garay: the actress

Soo began acting in theater and has made over 20 appearances with some major companies in Canada. She also has appeared in the movies Ricky Six, Jacob the Liar and Blues Brothers 2000. Her tv roles include Aruba, Martha Behind Bars, 1-800-Missing, Hotel Babylon, Queer as Folk, Mutant X, Nikita, Forever Knight, A Prayer in the Dark and Top Cops. Most notable stage credits include The national Tour of Athol Fugard's My Children! My Africa!, Florence Gibson's Belle and Sarha Stanley's version of Romeo And Juliet; an outdoor production with strong critical acclaim across the world.

In addtion to her acting talents, Garay is an accomplished yoga teacher and published author. She speaks fluent Hungarian and is the daughter of Valéria Gyenge, a 1952 Hungarian Olympic gold medalist. Soo is also an acomplished swimmer and was nationally ranked for most of her childhood. Formerly married to Stargate: Atlantis star, David Hewlett, Garay currently lives in Los Angeles.

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